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25 books I read in 2018

I still read about half of the books digitally on my tablet through Amazon Kindle, and the other half is a combination of library, borrowed from friends, gifts, and purchased hardcovers and paperback books. Riding trains between Manhattan and the … Continue reading

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Reading is faster than podcasts – and everything else

I’ve come around on Podcasts, (or is it podcasts?), except when it comes to the fact that they are called Podcasts.   A bit more on that later. It’s a well-known fact that people can read faster than they can talk, … Continue reading

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23 books I finished in 2016

There’s a part of me that believes ‘You are what you read”.   Some years ago I realized that I was not reading much aside from magazines, newspapers, and marketing and advertising industry articles.   I set a goal to read 2 … Continue reading

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Reading is fundamental but how do you decide what to read?

When I travel one of the things I look forward to is the opportunity to read novels – both fiction and non-fiction. This is in contrast to what I read when I am not traveling. Three newspapers a day, countless … Continue reading

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