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Stopping my mental pricing bias

Many years ago (ok it was 1983), before he was a big-time star, I saw Jerry Seinfeld do a stand-up routine in Boston. He did a bit that went something like “I can’t compete with my father’s stories about the … Continue reading

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How Spotify looks like Amazon once did

As I thought about writing this post Amazon.com announced last Friday morning that it was making an offer to buy Whole Foods for more than $13B. I am thinking a lot about as to what kinds of changes Amazon might … Continue reading

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Spotify.com – I love this music site!

Pandora.com is pretty cool but in my view Spotify.com blows it away. You have to be ‘invited’ but I don’t think that is a big problem – after all I received an invitation and did nothing special to receive one. … Continue reading

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