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For Billboard advertising you have 7 seconds or less

Since as my partner David likes to say we need to be COG-nostic (not agnostic) when it comes to deciding on the appropriate channel marketing mix OOH (out-of-home) marketing is always considered. As I have written in the past the … Continue reading

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Outdoor advertising in the U.S. has room to grow

Earlier this week I had lunch with a smart OOH (out-of-home advertising) executive.  His company is one of the largest OOH companies in the business. Not all that long ago (twenty years) OOH advertising primarily consisted of billboards and stadium … Continue reading

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OOH – Out of Home advertising in Asia is in your face

After a 15 ½ hour flight to Hong Kong from Newark my eyes are tired and a bit bloodshot. The efficiency of the transit system in Hong Kong (and Asia in general) is offset by the bright lights of outdoor … Continue reading

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