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Funnel marketing and low-cost distribution has created message assault!

As a longtime direct response marketer, I’ve often employed regression analysis in order to better understand prospect and customer behavior.  When printed magazines were in their heyday and reader renewal subscriptions were a lifeblood to advertising revenue, regression analysis allowed … Continue reading

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Charles Schwab email to customers is not bad but could be so much better

I have upon multiple occasions blogged about best practices as they relate to email marketing.  http://wp.me/pn6jX-rw.   In general email communications have improved as the channel has matured.   Considering how customers and marketers interact with email, having an effective email communication strategy … Continue reading

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Tracking people down using social media

Last week I posted that I thought Facebook was heading toward being the new telephone. Social media is now the ‘party line’ platform where people are congregating both personally and professionally. In the last few weeks I have received many … Continue reading

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