Charles Schwab email to customers is not bad but could be so much better

money down the drainI have upon multiple occasions blogged about best practices as they relate to email marketing.   In general email communications have improved as the channel has matured.   Considering how customers and marketers interact with email, having an effective email communication strategy (and execution) is critical.  That’s why I was surprised that Charles Schwab (I’ve been a client for more than fifteen years) did only an middling job in a recent email communication to me:
Dear Client,When you’re buying a home, timing is everything. With Schwab Bank’s home lending program provided by Quicken® Loans®, you’ll get a loan with great rates and the support you need to get into your new home quickly and easily. Save $1,000 on closing costs for jumbo loans or $500 on conforming or high-balance loans when you apply for a purchase home loan by 10/31/13.1 To take advantage of this limited-time offer, call me at 203-352-4807 today.
Learn more >
Let’s discuss how to get:
Rates as low as 4.50% (4.62% APR) on a 30-year fixed-rate loan
An easy mortgage process and fast closing, often within 40 days on average
A wide range of loan options and terms
I look forward to helping you buy the home you want, with a great choice of loan options. Sincerely,

Planner’s name Your Schwab Financial Consultant Charles Schwab & Co., Inc./Charles Schwab Bank* *Separate but affiliated companies Layout and functionality – 8.   Concise and clear message, easy to follow directions including a phone number to call and a click to ‘learn more’ button. Relevancy – 2.   We bought a house almost 2 years ago.    While we might be interested in knowing if there any advantages to re-financing given our current rate there’s no mention of that.   And addressing me as Dear Client?   Did I mention that I’ve been with Schwab for more than fifteen years?    This sure did not make me feel valued as a customer. Given the long tenure of my relationship with Schwab they should know a few things about me since the account data would provide some important information about my financial life – like having a child in college or where I am in my career based on age and my historical investing behavior.   Yet Schwab chose to send me what looks like a boiler plate email hoping that I might be the right target for a home loan.    I would expect that if I were not a customer. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Schwab to send fewer but more relevant emails?  Quantity over quality in the interest of increasing touch points has never been a good tactic.

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