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AMC’s Mad Men – much more than a soap opera

I tend to put any ongoing serial in the category of being a quasi-soap opera.  Consequently as my family will tell you I have little use or patience for soap operas.  I have had friends refer to Mad Men as … Continue reading

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‘Mad Men’ would not be crazy about ‘The Pitch’

After a 17 month hiatus AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ returns this Sunday in its regular 10PM slot. AMC has also created another new show which debuts with a ‘sneak preview’ April 8th at 11PM (right after ‘Mad Men’) called ‘The Pitch’ … Continue reading

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Commuting in the United States by train – why does it have to be like 1961?

Having opened an office in lower Manhattan in November I have joined the ranks of commuters from the New York City suburbs even it if is only two or three days per week. Because I have not commuted to New … Continue reading

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