Mobile blogging on how advertising tries to impact me

Heinken adSitting on the 11:39 p.m. train with an hour on my hand, I notice the train ads ( kind off liking OOH BTW), I realize I’ve never mobile blog posted, (can that be written?) and I find the three ads I can see arresting.  And all are brand ads.  Will they impact me?

The first ad is for Three Olives which calls itself ‘The London Vodka’ whatever that is supposed to mean.  Clive Owen looks pensive and serious and he’s pretty cool.  Maybe I’ll think to ask for a Three Olives martini or gimlet sometime?

The next two ads that catch my eye are for Heineken.  One encourages you to be ordering Heineken when at the US Open tennis matches which ended almost two weeks ago.  Still, I love tennis and always have had a positive view and like Heineken.  The association does not hurt.  The other Heineken add is for Heineken Light.  No problem there either.

The ad I noticed last is right in front of me – for Sleepy’s, and as I’ve worked in the mattress category for countless years, I’ve a natural affinity even for the 800 pound gorilla we used to refer to Sleepy’s.

Is it just chance that I’d be familiar with the three brands?  Most assuredly.  But at the same time none of those brands did anything except help themselves in my personal case.

This advertising thing is compelling more than a little don’t you think?

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