Google’s new One Pass – Should Continental Airlines be flattered?

When I heard about Google’s new One Pass Payment System I immediately thought ‘why are they ripping off Continental Airline’s frequent flyer program name?’ It’s not like Continental Airlines has given up the program or that Google was unaware of the rather regular use of the OnePass phrase.

In the digits column in last Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal Michael Hickins wonders if Google is planning to get into the airline business. Apparently OnePass is also the name of a system developed by ThomsonReuters to allow customers to access TR professional websites. But what I am really wondering is if OnePass is really that good of a name in the first place?

The new Google concept allows consumers to view content they have purchased on a number of different viewing platforms – eReaders, mobile phones, non Apple tablets i.e.,. This is a very good idea and serves customers well while at the same time being a direct shot across the bow at Apple which (rightly so I might add) has taken heat for skimming 30% off the top on subscription revenue from publishers using the Apple iTunes App Store.

The plan for the merged United Airlines and Continental Airlines is for a ‘new’ reward program to be unveiled with a new name. While that opens the door for Google I am surprised at the lack of creativity in choosing One Pass. It does not explain what it is and at best is evocative of another popular (there are more than 50 million Continental One Pass members) product that has nothing to do with Google or this service.
Good concept by Google but as far as I am concerned they have blown it with the bad name. My bet is Google will change it before they consider getting in the airline business.

Of course it’s possible that people did not even notice. Did you?

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