3 things in social media that should bother you like they bother me

It may end up being a rant but I’ll take that risk. There are things about social media that bother me. We marketing folk are supposed to adore social media and all the cool things we can do to help engage people and make money while doing so. Consequently I spend a fair amount of time working with and using social media. Twitter, Linked In and Facebook are always open and I am engaged in all of them on and off throughout the day. Maybe that’s why I’ve increasingly become aware that there a number of things that get under my skin and I bet I’m not alone. Here are three for starters but I’d love to get your own social media pet peeves (I actually hate that term) to share.

1) Twitter. I most often tweet from my desktop or laptop. Quite regularly I will copy and paste a link to tweet and add a comment. The tweet shows I have 3 characters still to use of the 140 available (What if Twitter allowed 150 characters – revolutionary!), I send the tweet and get an error message that I’ve used too many characters. I delete a few and it shows I have 9 characters to use. Tweet and the message again says I have too many. This really is aggravating. Really. Aggravating.

2) Linked In. Every time I’ve altered something in my profile, the default I have broadcasts that ‘update’ to everyone in my LinkedIn first level connections. I recently added a position to my profile and LinkedIn deemed this a ‘new job’ for which I received congratulations from thoughtful friends and colleagues. While I had added something to my profile, (it was neither a new job, since I only added it to my profile then but had actually started several months ago), I did not intend nor want to send a notification to all of my connections. By the way just FYI this would not be helpful to multiple job holders, particularly if your current boss gets wind of your ‘new position or job’. Note to LinkedIn – please allow me to toot my own horn when I choose to, thank you very much. Asking me would be much appreciated and a better customer practice. By the way did I mention that I pay for my access?

3) Facebook. Oh Facebook. Where to begin? I don’t play games on Facebook but cannot imagine that if I did I’d want to broadcast in Games Feed that I just played Scrabble, Sims Social, or Rock You Poker. And yes I realize that users have the ability to change the protocols in the privacy settings as to what gets broadcast to whom. But how about not having screaming on the rooftops to everyone as the default setting? And while I don’t pay for the ‘privilege’ of Facebook, I am going to go out on a limb and state that I think you are making out ok by leveraging my behavioral data. Just sayin’.

How about it? Will you share some of your own personal social media aggravations?

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2 Responses to 3 things in social media that should bother you like they bother me

  1. Joe Owens says:

    Twitter can be very annoying for the way it limits your ability to add info when you Tweet something created by others. I have experienced the same as i try to post something created in another application and usually just eschew the opportunity.

    Facebook is certainly not as user friendly as it could be. Of course with so many people using it and tolerating the awkwardness I am sure Mr. Zuckerberg chooses to count his billions instead of making the platform better.


  2. markkolier says:

    Thanks Joe – I’d like to think FB is interested in making things better but agree that evidence suggests otherwise.


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