Now’s the time for more social networks but do you have time for more social networking?

Who’s got more time for social networking? Already I find myself spending less and less time on Facebook. It may seem like I am on FB all the time to some people but I leave the tab open on my computer and take a quick look a few times a day. Still that only has me actively on FB maybe 15 minutes a day. I (like everyone else) get FB updates right on my mobile device and like everyone I can post photos, updates and whatever else I can think of on my mobile FB app. I have a Google+ account but spend even less time on Google + than I do using Facebook.

I spend more time on Linkedin than I do on Facebook since I am working more than I do anything else. is on life-support but as I posted over a year ago I still doubt Myspace will make it. No news flash there.

For a long time I felt that social networking would be dominated by Facebook and Linkedin, and maybe, just maybe, Google would find a way to get in the game. Twitter is considered to be part of social networking but life streams in 140 characters are not the same.

Recently emerging is – a site that’s been around for several years and has gained a passionate and dedicated following – both in the personal and professional world. Entrepreneur magazine’s Jason Falls had an interesting piece on ‘How Pinterest is Becoming the Next Big Thing in Social Media for Business’ – A revenue model is still being sought (Foursquare is still working on one as well) but the growth of Pinterest has been impressive.

This weekend I read in the New York Times an article on a new ‘sort-of’ social network called – The article noted – ‘In less than three months, people from around the world have used Cowbird to create more than 7,600 mostly personal stories about people or moments in their lives, using words, pictures and sounds. All pieces are accompanied with a single photograph and some include audio. Some include a few words of text, others more.’

An article on from Kirsten Bischoff the –co-founder of highlighted the challenges in creating a new social network, and the benefits of smaller social networks. She writes about another small social networking site called – both of them look interesting and in fact pretty cool.

The problem for me is if I were to get even more into niche social networks – and the sharing networks are interesting to me although there are times when I prefer not to share, (goes back to an old sandbox problem) and I’d most assuredly get even less work done and have less time to actually do things.

This sharing thing easily turns into over-sharing don’t you think? Are you spending more or less time on social networks these days? Got any cool new ones you’d like to share?

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