Ten things about advertising that make me wonder

Stuart Elliot of The New York Times writes the advertising column and periodically has 20 questions about advertising. I decided to come up with a few of my own.

1) Why are there ads in the subway with QR codes displayed when there is no internet service on the subway itself?

2) Would you turn your house into a billboard? http://www.aol.it/rpy8Na

3) How long will it be before urinals in public restrooms carry advertising?

4) Do you watch the screen when riding in the back of taxi?

5) Would you be willing to receive a steady stream of ads on your smart phone if the monthly fees were paid for by the carrier?

6) Which company do you think will last longer – Groupon or Foursquare?

7) If you’ve used a Groupon or Living Social coupon to dine in a restaurant you’ve never before visited – have you ever gone back a second time?

8) I don’t watch ads when I DVR a television program preferring to fast forward through them as I believe is the case with most people. What percentage of DVR watchers do you think should be counted as having actually watched an ad during the program?

9) Will people continue to patronize online companies that don’t offer a free shipping option?

10) In 2012 will you use Ebay’s Redlaser.com bar scanner or Amazon.com’s bar code scanner to check pricing on in-store items?

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Joyous Kwanzaa. Oh and a healthy and Happy 2012 too!

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2 Responses to Ten things about advertising that make me wonder

  1. Nader Ashway says:

    Mark –
    These are all wonderful questions, posed in a perfect manner. I particularly love #1 – talk about mismanaged media placement!

    Also, a few more thoughts:
    I think urinals are already carrying advertising, including some, um, games you can play while, um, standing there. I think Foursquare will figure it out and become the location-based marketing tool that “got there first.” Eventually, time-delayed viewing will be available in different formats. Some already disallow FF through network promos (that’s you NBC,) and others will likely package the content into an ad-free version with a mandatory pre-roll sponsored message.

    Great thoughts – I suggest you tag this post, and re-evaluate the same questions next December. I’ll bet dollars to donuts some of the answers will be evident, some will be more murky, and some of the players you mentioned won’t even be in existence (that might be you, QR codes!)


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