Livescribe has the coolest pen computer around

LivescribeThere was an article in Ad Age this week – ‘Can you imagine a business card or a print magazine page that can actually send an e-mail or facilitate the transaction of an online sale?  Livescribe’s Pulse Smartpen — which is a real pen containing a full-powered, internet-accessing computer — is a tool that makes such actions conveniently possible’.   

My family got me a Livescribe pen computer earlier this summer.   After initially fooling around with it I became too busy to really dig in and figure out how to get the most out of it.   This week I was visiting a client for meetings and brought the pen and notebook and used it to write notes and record (with my client’s full knowledge) some of the proceedings.    When I began to distill the notes and recordings I finally realized the power of this great product.   

It has a 2MB or 4MB drive in the pen itself and the intelligence of the unit far exceeds my own expectations.   T here is also a USB port for syncing to a computer.   College students are adopting the Livescribe pen as it is so much easier to carry around than a laptop and has the recording function for lectures as well.  

Livescribe Chairman Jim Margraff spoke recently at the IDEA conference in NYC last month and expounded on the power and breadth of the capabilities of Livescribe.    AdAge did a nice 3 minute sum-up of his talk and where this is all going is both interesting and exciting.   Interactive business cards, print advertisements are something I had not even been thinking about but the folks at Livescribe are doing a great job of taking cool and useful technology and coming up with creative new uses for the device.  

The device costs about $200 and you should really check it out.    You will see me using it all the time from now on.   Here’s a link to AdAge’s 3 minute video on the product.

Bet you want one now.

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