Tokyo – you should try it

I don’t speak Japanese except for hello, goodbye and where’s the bathroom.  But I’m back in Tokyo this time without the net that is my friend who actually speaks Japanese.  So far it’s been easier than I expected.

Google maps is definitely not evil.  Despite only a wifi connection – still working through some phone issues, I walked to an area Akasaka which is 20 minutes from my hotel.  Of course you may be familiar with the fact that addresses in Tokyo ate ephemeral and wholly inexact.

Somehow I managed.  Asked a Japanese waiter at the excellent restaurant I stumbled into and after a great meal he confirmed it was nearby.  I kind of knew it but did not want to be just another guy who would not ask for directions.

I write about the need for people to get out of their comfort zone.  You’d think I’d have more than I can handle being in Tokyo not speaking the language.

Instead I find I am squarely in my comfort zone.  And loving it.

You should try it if you’ve never been to Tokyo.  I’m not kidding at all.

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