You’re raising a barn on Farmville – nobody cares

With Facebook’s successful IPO this past Friday Zynga (creator of Cityville, Words with Friends, Draw Something, Farmville, Frontierville and other ‘villes) has more motivation than ever to unwean itself from the mother ship that is Facebook since Facebook may come to Zynga looking for an even better deal. Things are bound to be different now that Facebook is a public company. A recent report on Zynga earnings noted that its net loss was $85.4 million in Q1 2012.

Since Zynga relies on Facebook for the bulk of its revenue the attempt to disassociate itself from the FB hoodies will not be easy. At the same time Facebook takes $0.30 of every dollar that people spend on Zynga.

I am surprised and not pleasantly so at how many people allow Facebook updates off of Zynga to appear in their Timeline (formerly Newsfeed). That you scored 30 points playing Words with Friends’ or that you are trying to raise a barn in ‘Farmville’ and would like some help doesn’t interest me. And I doubt it interests many of your FB friends either. When I see that update during the workday it makes me wonder how you might have time to get any work done. Of course I am reading your update during the work day too…

Do us all a favor – turn off the automatic update from your Zynga games to your Facebook Timeline stream. If you are doing it, it’s probably an oversight on your part but now’s a good time to fix it. Besides, I barely have time to watch the videos everyone posts on Socialcam.
Really – how is anyone actually getting any work done when they are so busy playing games at work?

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