Super Bowl XLVI was great – the ads not so much

Giant fans are still rejoicing this Monday morning following an entertaining and closely contested Super Bowl. The drama went down to the wire and when Tom Brady and the Patriots were facing a 3rd down and 16th and Brady connected for a first down I thought Brady was on the verge of doing something legendary. It turned out that did not happen and the Giants held on in one of the best games in the history of the Super Bowl.

In addition to football, Super Bowl Sunday also offers the Super Bowl of advertising. At
$3,500,000 per 30 second spot the ad inventory was again sold out for this year’s game and the broadcast will likely have reached more than 110 million people around the world. Since big money and big stakes were at hand the anticipation was high prior to the game for some ground-breaking advertisements. Like the Patriots final drive – most of the Super Bowl ads fell flat as far as I am concerned.

Like many, I watched a number of the preview spots before the game. I liked the longer web version of the Honda CR-V spot with Matthew Broderick reprising Ferris Bueller. It was a great job of melding story and product. Clint Eastwood took on Eminem’s role as spokesperson for Detroit in a great spot from Chrysler/Jeep. Tweets during the game suggested Clint should be running for President.

But for me, many of the spots were just okay at best and some worse than that. The Teleflora spot with the gorgeous Adrienne Lima ended up being patronizing and annoying. And the Coca-Cola Polar bears spots left me scratching my head – didn’t they do that already? Sort of like Career Builder and the chimps. I didn’t think they were that great the first time around. GoDaddy – ugh. The madcap Doritos spots are somewhat amusing and the bag of chips looks shiny but far from brilliant advertising. The spot suggesting that peeing in a pool was akin to the relief you will get by using their product was by far the strangest association. I suspect the website was not crashed by customers clamoring to learn more during or after the game.

Volkswagen about a dog getting in shape was several steps down from the Darth Vader spot of 2011’s Super Bowl. The double headed dude was just kind of creepy although I did like the song. Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno for the Acura NSX were a nice combination highlighting their well-known reputation for being car collectors. And the car looked great. Toyota and Lexus ran a few spots that were ho-hum. The same is true of Budweiser and Bud Light (dog trained to get beer – didn’t they do that already?). The Skechers spot with dogs wearing shoes was fun. Bridgestone’s quiet technology exhibited by Steve Nash dribbling a basketball that made little sound was interesting and well done. GE did a couple of nice brand spots that were a welcome relief from the inanity. NBC did a nice job promoting its new show SMASH.

Overall I cannot pick one spot that was head and shoulder above all the others.

How about you? Share your best and worst spot thoughts with us.

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