Is your office open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

Until this year we’ve never been closed on MLK day. There are a number of reasons none of which are all that compelling. From years past we have traditionally offered ten official ‘company’ holidays. At the beginning of each year we determine which ones will be observed. New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday, and Christmas Day are somewhat fixed. That’s eight. Often we like to give Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. A number of years ago we offered Columbus Day (and he was not even an American) but have not in many years.

When I have worked on MLK day in recent years I have noticed an increasing amount of companies that are closed. Of course MLK day is a Federal Holiday, no banks, post offices and even the financial markets are closed. New York area commuter trains runs on a Saturday schedule.

So what took me so long? I really don’t have a good answer. I have great respect for the work done by Dr. King and his importance and significance in American history is in my view underappreciated. But from this point forward, as long as I am running a company MLK day will be an official company holiday.

Of course I write this from my desk at work on the morning of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. But that’s my choice to get a things accomplished on an unusually quiet Monday morning. I think it’s no problem to work on a holiday like MLK day – as long as the choice is yours. Please pardon that it took me an inordinately long time to figure that out.

Is your company open today and if not are you working anyway?

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