I will again spend my New Years Eve without Dick Clark

I don’t have anything against the American legend Dick Clark. In fact I briefly met him at an event about ten years ago and found him to be a nice and friendly man. I don’t know about you, but watching Dick Clark on television is painful and I just don’t understand why he wants to continue. Sure it’s his show, and NBC has this year again allowed Mr. Clark to have ultimate control of ‘Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve’. This year will be the 40th year of the show and more than 18 million people watched it last year. I was not one of them.

A six hour show with a multitude of entertainers and talent, this year’s program will pay tribute to itself. http://wapo.st/w1k7n5. Several years ago Ryan Seacrest began to co-host the show with Mr. Clark so we can expect to see Mr. Seacrest for many years to come in his personal quest to become the next Merv Griffin (Merv actually introduced Ryan Seacrest to the world).

I also have no problem with Ryan Seacrest but the pairing with Dick Clark does nothing but make things even more awkward. Do you think Dick Clark watches the recorded proceedings of the DCNYRE afterward and thinks – ‘I still have it going on’? News flash for you Dick – you don’t have it going on and having an annual opportunity to watch you decline is hardly something that will send me charging forward into a new year.
Larry Klein who has been producing the show since 1977 had this to offer, “Dick is still Dick Clark,” he said. “His communication is a little bit more difficult, but he’s still involved in contemporary music. He listens to a lot; he knows a lot, he’s still involved in the production. This is very important to him. This is one of his children.”

Parents need to allow their children to leave the nest. After forty years don’t you think it’s about time Dick Clark allowed that to happen? His legacy is more than secure and I think by continuing to be on air Mr. Clark is practicing nothing more than self-indulgence. This bothers me more than anything else since I feel Dick Clark is one of the great American success stories and an institution unto himself.

My hope is the coming Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve 2012 version will be his final one on air and he can watch next year on television like so many others.

What do you think – should Dick Clark still be on the air?

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