Mother Nature and Irene trump technology

If you are anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic toward the Northeast you have woken up this Monday morning to at least some partial disruption to your normal routine. Here in Connecticut more than 750,000 ‘customers’ are without power. Being that there less than 3,500,000 total residents in the entire state the impact is going to be historic – in part because it could be days or even a week before power is fully restored.

During the storm mobile phone networks were active and Facebook and Twitter (much like they were during the east coast earthquake last week) kept people in touch and apprised. Radios again became important for those that had their cable, satellite or other television connections taken off-line.

For residents of Westchester County north into Duchess County as well as those in Connecticut – Metro-North is out until further notice so on this beautiful post-storm Monday the conditions are somewhat akin to that of a snow day with regard to power outages and work disruptions – except for 80 degree temperatures and bright sunny skies.

David Meerman Scott writes a great blog and had a good post today on the pre and post-Irene performance of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg – and I agree that Mayor Bloomberg did a good job of communicating during the entire event.

We’ve all come to reply so much on technology in order to perform our daily work tasks. I said many times that nature always wins and once again we were all reminded of the truth of statement. If there is no power or no internet service much of the technology is neutralized.

If you are not in the areas impacted by Hurricane Irene (ok it was a tropical storm when it hit the New York City area), be patient with us this week – things do not appear likely to get back to normal for at least the better part of this week.

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