Brand Advertising scores with Bud Light’s campaign ‘Here We Go’

One thing advertising and marketing folk seem to like to do is tear down other people’s work. At times I am no different. Often I find myself watching a television spot or see a print ad and think to myself – “C’mon Man – we could do better than that!” I will admit that I have absolutely no certainty of what the mission was, or how involved the client might have been in the creative process. And clients do have a propensity for sticking their noses in the creative process – after all it is their money.

Brand oriented spots in particular can leave me shaking my head going – huh? What was that about? And there are times when I will watch a well made TV spot and then have no recollection of who the client was immediately after!

While I am not a drinker of Bud Light the ‘Here We Go’ campaign is omnipresent to anyone that watches sporting events on TV. The just completed NCAA basketball tournament was a prime example. A good brand spot gets into your head and I again realized this when I was watching the third set of the Rafael Nadal – Novak Djokovic men’s tennis final from the Sony Ericsson tournament this past Sunday afternoon.

As the two players tied 6-6 in the 3rd set a tiebreaker was imminent and the commentator said – ‘Here We Go’. I immediately thought of Bud Light. How did they get to own that phrase? I don’t even drink the beer but the brand/word association was powerful.

Think about how often you hear the phrase ‘Here We Go’. I think fans of sports on television where Bud Light is running those spots will have no choice but to associate the phrase and the beer. That’s the whole point isn’t it?

And the bonus is that Bud Light is creating new words for the lexicon. Where else have you ever heard the term ‘shramplicate’? But I bet in the context of the ad you know what they mean.

Good branded television spots don’t have to be great demonstrations of artistic advertising – and the Bud Light campaign is a prime example of that. But campaigns do have to persuade and be memorable. I think the ‘Here We Go’ campaign achieves that.

Do you?

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