User Generated Super Bowl ads are cool and not threatening to marketing agencies

Much has been discussed the past few days related to the Doritos ads presented during the Super Bowl telecast this past Sunday.  Like them or not (I liked the Samurai one and the other not so much), there have been articles written on how Ad Agencies should ‘fear’ user generated ads as the beginning of the end for marketing agencies. 

Stuart Elliott in this morning’s NY Times postulates that ‘modern-day “Mad Men”’ should take pause since the two Doritos spots were among the most-watched among all the spots.

The article went on to note that in two separate surveys among users of Twitter (never thought of Twitter as a focus group myself), Doritos finished first.  It did not mention whether or not the Twitterers were already Doritos aficionados. 

But should we really be surprised that amateur ads performed well enough to be even included in the same conversations with ads produced by giants like Goodby, BBDO, and others?   Not at all in my view.  In particular Doritos is a fairly straightforward value proposition.    The ads are fun, irreverent and aimed at the target audience of chip loving Americans.  The 24 year old creator of the “Underdog” spot won $ 600,000 for his second place finish.   How exactly is that so different from paying a Madison Avenue agency to come up with a strategy and execution? 

The real success of the campaign should not be solely measured by how audiences liked or did not like a Super Bowl ad.  Everyone seems to like to flog the GoDaddy ads but they talk about them constantly and can you remember which company is the former leader in internet domain name registrations and SSL’s?   GoDaddy owns that space now – with their cheesy ads and all (Doritos is a bit cheesier to be sure as am I). 

How many more people will try and enjoy Doritos as a result of the Super Bowl ads?   I hope Frito-Lay will have some metric for figuring that out.  But I don’t hold out much hope. 

And today the chickens truly come home to roost as Denny’s is amidst it’s 8 hour free Grand Slam breakfast offer that was promoted by those chickens during the Super Bowl.   Last year 2 million people went to Denny’s to have their free breakfast.  I bet they will do even more free breakfasts this year. 

More importantly I expect Denny’s to collect email addresses of all free breakfast redeemers.  That offers a real opportunity to both engage and make offers to potential customers (remember they are not customers until they actually spend some $$).  

Wish there was a Denny’s close enough for me to find out for myself. 

Let me know if you went to Denny’s and what you thought.

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