Super Bowl traditions – Are you looking more forward to the game or the ads?

Already the Tim Tebow anti-abortion ad has gotten the pre-game buzz.   Will it hurt his future prospects as a pitchman?   I highly doubt it.  Go will feature Danica Patrick once again (fully clothed in case you are wondering).   Bridgestone will have an entry as well Volkswagen.  All spots for the game are ‘sold-out’ as of February 1st.    It escapes me how spending $ 2,500,000 for a 30 second spot can possibly have a positive ROI.  Oh that’s right it’s branding so we need to lengthen the curve. 

The game will draw 100,000,000 plus viewers.  In the last 20 years, Anheuser-Busch has spent more than $300 million on Super Bowl commercials, Pepsi $254 million and GM just over $80 million, according to TNS.   What really surprised me is that the Pro Bowl played Sunday night had its best viewership since 2000 drawing 12.3 million viewers.  A game that the players don’t want to play in – you would think people would have something (anything!) better to do.  The Grammy’s drew twice the viewership and was an infinitely better show (I am guessing since I watched the Grammy’s and did not watch a minute of the Pro Bowl).   

And what of the game itself this coming Sunday?  Kickoff at 6:40PM and The Who performing at halftime.  But little is noted about the game itself.  The New Orleans Saints have an opportunity to both win their first Super Bowl and continue to help resurrect a fallen city.  The Indianapolis Colts led by 4-time Most Valuable Player Peyton Manning are hoping to validate a decision to give up the pursuit of a perfect season.  Only a Super Bowl win will accomplish that.  

For me – it’s about the food (chicken wings and chili) and drinks.  Our family and friends spend time together many of whom watch normally no more than half the game, (although in recent years the games have been really good).   

So I like both the ads and the game but as a sports enthusiast I prefer the game.  How about you?

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1 Response to Super Bowl traditions – Are you looking more forward to the game or the ads?

  1. Adolfo Hyder says:

    Was it just me or were the ads pretty ho-hum this year. Not a lot of big creativity. Way too many Dorito ads for my taste too.


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