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Chinese people want to know – is it really that bad in the U.S.?

As an American traveling through China for two weeks visiting five different cities plus Hong Kong the one overriding question I am asked is – ‘How are things in the U.S? It looks really bad.’ Think about being asked that … Continue reading

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I will pass on the double dip thank you

I remember in 2008 hearing some people say ‘I refuse to participate in the recession’. As if they had some control of general economic trends and forces. Oh sure it sounds defiant and strong but it’s also something like whistling … Continue reading

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When did a double dip stop being an ice cream cone?

Note: Since I am in no way any kind of economist my perspective is that of a layman. It seems to me that economists and some people are almost resigned to accepting that a double dip recession is likely if … Continue reading

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