E-mail communication during a Global Pandemic

I belong to two gyms one of which is $10/month and the other in New York City is more expensive but not crazy. I have not been to either gym since March, and I am in no hurry to get there. During the entire 100-day tenure of this pandemic I have received exactly one communication from my NYC gym and none from the one in Connecticut.  I have to admit it boggles my mind.

This is not a plea on my behalf to receive more email.  I get so many from companies trying to get my attention for their lead generation services and could do without their constancy.  I actually had to call the gym to get any information and the basic information could have and should have been sent to me in an email.  I’d say that one or two emails a month from my gyms during the pandemic describing the situation and what the gym was planning upon reopening would have been very acceptable to me. Instead I had to go looking.  This is the antithesis of best practices.

And then there’s my doctor.  I’ve been lucky and over the past few years haven’t needed to go see the doctor for much other than routine checkups.  I last went to the doctor in December.  Since that time, I have not heard anything from my doctor, or any doctor for that matter.  Does this make me feel as if the doctor and his practice don’t care?  Maybe. Certainly, they’ve shown I am not any kind of priority.  Maybe it’s because to this point, I have not been a substantial revenue-generating patient?  I also recall that I have to fill out the same information every time I visit the doctor as if they lose my patient records every year. That’s actually not true but I’ve heard the staff say that they have switched database systems more than once over the past few years.

But not one communication from my doctor?  Can they have that many patients that they don’t have the ability to contact each and every one particularly during these uncertain times for health?

The office building in Manhattan in which I work also has offered virtually zero communication via email or any other way. Again, I needed to call to find out if the offices were open (now that New York City is in Phase 2 of recovery) which I found out today that they were.  But again, I had to reach out to find out.

Even with more of us working from home, people still don’t prefer to receive a bunch of irrelevant emails.  My argument is that during a crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic MORE communication is warranted not less.

Yes, it can be tricky and challenging to create the right tone with which to communicate.  It’s something our shop does for our clients on a daily basis.  Not sufficiently communicating with your customers, patients and members during a pandemic is a terrible idea. If that’s the default due to uncertainty of exactly what, how, and when communications to your valued clients and prospects should be staged, don’t be surprised if your business takes a turn for the worse.


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