My old friend James Bond is back – 50 years of protecting a great franchise

Skyfall is the latest installment (#23 for those keeping score at home) in Ian Fleming’s James Bond series.  While I do not consider myself fanatical when it comes to James Bond movies, I’ve seen them all and seen them all more than once.   I cannot ever recall having someone tell me they do not like James Bond movies.  They may not be huge fans but they will watch them – be it in theaters or on television.   It has been fifty years since Dr. No (1962), the first (and some say best) in the series.  What impresses me most is the brand stewardship of the Bond franchise over those fifty years.

There were a few clunkers along the way (The Living Daylights, Moonraker), and a few Bond portrayals that did not work out – Timothy Dalton being at the top of that list and for me Roger Moore was a little too cheeky although The Spy who loved me remains one of my all-time favorite Bond films (the Barbara Bach effect I suspect).

Overall the Broccoli family has done a very good job of stewarding the Bond franchise – not too often, not too infrequently.  In fact Bond movie theme songs are a franchise unto themselves (Adele is going to have a huge hit with the new theme from Skyfall).  

When people go to see a Bond movie they pretty much no what to expect.   A good villain (Javier Barden is the villain in Skyfall), beautiful women, and a great stunt or two.   What I also think is a great tactic is that there are very different characterizations of Bond from each of the actors.    It keeps things interesting and keeps people coming back for more.

Stewarding a brand over a fifty year period is no easy task.  I think the 007 franchise has done it and continues to do it about as well as any brand.

So a few questions:

1) Which is your favorite James Bond movie?

2) Without using search can you recall in which movie(s) George Lazenby portrayed 007?

3) Will you see Skyfall in the theater or wait to watch it at home or on a plane?

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