Be sure to make it a quality at-bat

With so many new talented (and not-so-talented) people on the job market it’s never been easier to be ignored by a company you hope will hire you. Sometimes things are just plain difficult in large part due to circumstances not exactly under your total control.

Even accomplished baseball hitters go through slumps and often it is the way they approach each individual at-bat. The goal is to get on base whether by base-on-balls or safe hit. Having a good quality at-bat even if you make an out can not only help your team, (wearing down the opposing pitcher is a measure of success) it can raise your reputation to being considered ‘a tough out’.

I think being considered a ‘tough out’ is one the higher professional compliments one could receive. Metaphorically speaking when it comes to finding a new job in today’s economy, people feel as if they are facing the toughest pitcher in the league in every at-bat. It’s important to remember to make the most of each single opportunity in order to maximize your likelihood of getting a hit (a job offer) – or even a base on balls (a referral). While anyone that knows me knows that I am not a New York Yankee fan, I do admire that the Yankees batting lineup has (in recent years) been known for its collective ability to have quality at-bats throughout the game. Maybe not as much this season but still in general Yankee opposing pitchers throw more pitches to the Yankees than any other team. For the highest paid team money can buy it shouldn’t be surprising but somehow it is.

Since I have been going through my professional changes I have had many of my friends and colleagues remind me that I have such a great network and that using my contacts now could never be more important. They’re right of course and I have been trying to do just that. But what I am also trying to do is make sure that I give everything I do my fullest attention and to not be distracted from performing in the moment. I know I can be a tougher out and hopefully even get a hit or two.

I would advance that we all have to go above and beyond (not yet sure how high that is just yet) more than ever before. There are intrinsic rewards however. At-bats where you foul off ten pitches and then get a hit are particularly satisfying. And sometimes the ball even goes out of the park.

If you made every at-bat a quality at-bat – do you think you’d be more successful?

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