Are you being active, looking busy but not being as productive as possible?

It’s kind of funny that people tell me that they wonder how I get it all done. I work on my business tasks, write articles and blog posts and am generally busy 10 hours a day plus weekends with work and professional related stuff. Like many people around the world today I am having my professional struggles adapting to the new world of marketing. It’s not easy that’s for sure. But it took a trip away from the office to help me realize some of the (not good) habits I have developed that keep me active but (I believe) not productive.

For example when in the office I am always working on two things – how to help our clients gain market share and awareness, and how to connect with more people that I may be able to help and may be able to help me. The not good habit I developed was trying to be up on everything – email, news, trends, development of competitors to our clients – I mean everything. Four newspapers per day, The Economist and all the various trade magazines – Ad Age, Adweek, DM News and a host of other newsletters with multiple articles included within focused on brand and direct advertising. Webinars, video presentations, whitepapers, SlideShare presentations, and the occasional TED videos just to name a few – ok more than a few. It’s simply TMI – too much information, too much to know and yet those activities made me feel good, aware, and engaged. They were active tasks, made me busy but too much so.

My trip away from the office has allowed me to think more clearly, to make tough decisions on the near and far future and one of the reasons is that I’ve not been bogged down with my normal ‘active’ tasks. It’s a trap that you are now forewarned about. There’s still time to make a change. I know I am going to do so immediately.

Getting away has given me the longer view lens with which to process what I was doing. Maybe it’s time you consider doing the same?

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Futurist, entrepreneur, left lane driver, baseball lover
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