Power cord madness – I can count the ways

People that travel a great deal are keenly aware of always bringing their requisite power cords for their various portable technology devices. I can tell you that at any given time in our kitchen we have numerous power cords plugged into various devices like mobile phones, iPods, eReaders, and Bluetooth devices. Fortunately our laptops are not kept in the kitchen.

For several years now there have been ‘Universal’ battery rechargers available on the market. Universal might be overstating the case. Many of them do not work across platforms such as Apple to PC devices, so at the least there needs to be two Universes.

There are solutions on the market such as myGrid from Duracell (of course there is one for PC based devices and one for Apple devices) which offer the opportunity to charge multiple devices at one time. I have yet to try one but am quite ready to give something like myGrid a try in the interest of tearing down what I call spaghetti city when it comes to all our power cords gathered together. I wish they were a little less expensive as $ 75.00 is a pretty steep price to pay.

When I did a recent search on rechargeable battery pads I was surprised at the lack of choices in the category. It’s difficult for me to believe that my frustration with all the power cords I have to carry with me when I travel is not…universal.

Batteries that only last 8 hours or less are also really annoying. That is no doubt universal. And it does not matter whether you are an iPhone, Droid or Blackberry fan. It’s mind-boggling and aggravating that during a day of what one would consider ‘normal’ daily use battery life remains an issue. I realize it is somewhat difficult to keep weight down in portable devices unless the battery is kept to a smaller size but we’ve been waiting too long for that particular problem to be solved.

How do you deal with the power cord madness and does it bother you?

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1 Response to Power cord madness – I can count the ways

  1. Tom says:

    Yes, any traveler hates the power cords (why must they always tie themselves into knots?). In addition, international travel requires power adapters (China, Japan and Hong Kong are all different. Can’t remember about Korea.) One of the most attractive features for me of the iPad is its reported long battery time.


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