Being in a rut can develop into being in a ditch

I’ve just finished a week off taken as a Staycation. That means my family did not go away anywhere and we did things together (at least a good part of the time) around the town in which we live. I can happily report it was great. In addition to the obvious benefit of having spent time with my wife and children it offered me an opportunity to really think about my day to day activities when it comes to working.

Most people develop routines to help them deal with their everyday lives. Routines can be very helpful in making people efficient and productive. Leaving for the office, getting into the same car on the train each day that opens near the right staircase, even scheduling errands so as to minimize the amount of trips you need to make are some examples of how routines can aid in efficiency.

Our company is having a challenging year. We are far from alone in being in that position. However the week off reminded me that the actions I take are not necessarily always the most productive actions and have become, well, routine. I receive and read far too many irrelevant emails. But I read them anyway. Why do I keep doing it? Maybe because it’s comfortable and when things are tough people tend to look to things that are familiar for comfort. What do you think?

So starting today I am going to be more focused on doing things that are more directly related to meeting the challenges that lay before me and our team. The changes themselves will be far from revelatory but subtle changes in the way I look at and approach things will offer a renewed opportunity to be doing the things that can most directly contribute to our success.

Be careful of your comfortable routine dear readers. It will help you guard against having the rut become a ditch.

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