Why I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions

Reading and hearing about people’s New Year’s resolutions always amuses me. But I also wonder why people go public with a ‘resolution’ for the New Year? How many times have you failed to deliver on your own resolutions?

Think of the typical New Year’s Resolutions. Losing ten or more pounds is often at the top of the list. Go to the gym three times or more a week is another resolution that I hear often. The failure rate of ‘getting in shape’ can be seen when you count the number of people at the gym on January 2nd versus March 1st.

A new year does offer possibilities for new beginnings. You can look back on the prior year – the highs and lows, and refocus and rededicate yourself to things you’d like to have done or done more effectively. But at the same time resolutions like ‘spending more time with the family’ or ‘being a nicer person’ are difficult to quantify to say the least.

And why would you want to start a new year saddling yourself with a resolution that has a failure rate of 97% after 30 days? http://bit.ly/dSpk6h . I don’t understand how making a New Year’s resolution doomed to fail is productive or anything more than an irrefutable statement. After all who could question your own resolve?

So here is my suggestion – don’t do it! Try something new for a change, resolve to not make a resolution and continue to do the things we all should have been doing all along – just try to be a better person day by day.

If you don’t make a New Year’s resolution that is doomed to fail, won’t that be a better start to your year in the first place?

Happy New Year folks. I wish you health, happiness and prosperity. And in that order. However if you’ve got some great ideas for a New Year’s resolution that can work – by all means let us know!

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Futurist, entrepreneur, left lane driver, baseball lover
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