The BlackBerry Storm 2 – an improvement

Since the iPhone remains on the AT & T platform I am just not interested in experiencing the vagaries of AT & T service. That’s why I decided on sticking with BlackBerry in the first place.

My first BB Storm (got it in January of 2009) worked well – for about fourteen months. Then the crashing began. It was as if it was tired of being on all the time, which in my case it is. To me there’s no point in having a phone that you turn on and off to save battery life. The touch screen was a bit finicky but I adapted and did not have a problem – until the 14 month mark.

After dealing with the slow spiral downward for two months and having to reboot the phone three times or more a DAY, I finally capitulated and sprang for a new phone even before my contract was up (November – I was trying hard to hold out). Now that I have the BB Storm 2 I wonder why I waited so long! It is a waaay better machine.

The BB Storm had limited space for applications. The Storm 2 has well over 100MB of space for apps which is something like 8 times more than before. The touch screen works much better with a nearly audible click when you type – a bit off putting at first but now strangely reassuring. Phone service is excellent (it was before) and 3G internet browsing and Wi-Fi are added features – and really good ones. The digital camera is still one of the best around and shooting video is a good experience as well.

I’ve used an iPhone and acknowledge how good the technology, design and interface is. The iPhone is pretty good for email (not as good as a Blackberry but still ok), really good for web browsing and the phone service is lacking. The BB Storm 2 is a big upgrade from the BB Storm 1 but I am left with the idea that the entire BlackBerry touch screen platform should be revamped and have its own unique features that are different from the iPhone. I have heard that it is in development and I am eagerly awaiting that release. If the BB platform does not further differentiate itself my next mobile device will be an iPhone.

One can only be a resistor for so long.

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