We’re hiring

As we close 2009 many economists agree that the recession has finally bottomed out.  But as those same economists will tell you employment is always the last thing to recover. Since most of the new jobs created over the past decade were created by small businesses (less than 500 employees).  Businesses like mine are being counted on to contribute to a more lasting recovery. 

While we have hired two great new people recently the temptation is to think ‘that’s enough for now we are not hiring anyone for a while’.   How does that help our company much less the economy as a whole?

The fact is we should be and are always hiring.  Yet not necessarily for any one job in particular.   Sure, sometimes we have a specific need for a specific type of talent and we will then look to bring in people that have that particular talent.   However once all those kinds of positions are filled should we be done with bringing in new people?    That has been a tried and true business practice for – well forever. 

I’ve learned a great deal running a business for a fairly long time.  One thing I have learned is that you don’t always know exactly what you need.  Part of that is due to the idea that what we need today may not be needed tomorrow.   So because of that we’re always hiring.  Contact me and tell me what you can do for our company.   You should have no trouble finding things out about what we do and even to a degree ‘who’ we are.  

I realize what I am suggesting.  That anyone out there who is interested in working with us at CGSM is welcome to contact me.   I’m hardly unreachable.  And no, I have not had any egg nog this morning.    But in return I have but two requests if you do decide to contact me.   Make it relevant to our business (do a little research) and make it creative.   And how can we help each other?    How can our company help you better contribute to our mutual success?  

What I have come to realize is not only is it cool to have people all around you have skills and knowledge that I do not, it is essential.  While I never thought that I had all the answers, I did not always practice knowing my own limitations.   Great talent working collaboratively has the best chance for success.  It also offers the benefit of fostering an environment where we all try to help make each other better one day at a time. 

How many people will we bring on board in 2010?  I hardly know.  We will respond to the needs and requirements of our clients and the work we do for them.  But maybe you see something that we are missing and can help us do an even better job.   Bring it on.   And if we all agree that our company needs it, we’ll bring you on.

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