From the Halls of Montezuma

Through an Executive Group called Vistage we have been invited to take part in a one day MCBEF (Marine Corps Business Executive Forum) program. I leave today. My feeling is that most if not all of us, are quite eager and excited to take part in this educational opportunity.

From the Brigadier General this statement was included in our welcome kit. ‘The intent of MCBEF is to introduce senior business executives and influential community leaders from around the country to U.S. Marine Corps interests. MCBEF has proven to be a successful outreach program that is expanding the Corps’ relationship with America’s business executives and opening doors for the Corps’ future outreach initiatives.’

We will do some really cool things like have dinner with Marine Corps officers, a Pentagon briefing, and even live-fire exercises which should be REALLY interesting since I have never discharged a firearm in my entire life. We will also visit the Quantico Base and possibly may be transported by military helicopter. Yes I had to sign my life away as even the Marine Corps folks have liability concerns.

I know little about the Marine Corps. Aside from the Marine Corps hymn (From the halls..) which highlights U.S. engagements (from the shores of Tripoli which meant a different thing than it does now), I know that Marine’s are tough, principled, Always faithful (‘Semper Fidelis’ or ‘Semper Fi’!), and where there is trouble in the world they go first.

I look forward to learning more and sharing whatever I can in a future post. Of course only what is not classified. There may be things I don’t think you need to know.
Marine Corp
I wonder if any Marines have read my blog posts before our visit? Or after?

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