No limits….but there should be

I saw the advertisement in this morning’s NY Times on Michael Phelps’ new book entitled ‘No Limits’ which is to be released today.  This is his second book – somehow I missed the first one.  Like so many Americans (and dare I say even non-Americans) I was enthralled with Mr. Phelps’ performance at the Beijing Olympics this past summer.  It’s even ok that he is now the new Subway sandwich endorser (bye-bye Jared).  But with at the ripe old age of 23 I have serious doubts about what Mr. Phelps would have to say about his ‘life experience’.  Ok we all know that he can swim really fast.  Faster than just about anyone maybe ever.  Yet what has he done except get wet alot and eat a big breakfast? 

I wonder how the book might read?  ‘I got up early (again) had a big breakfast (again) and went swimming.  Had a big lunch, went to school, went swimming again.  Then had a big dinner (again) and did some homework then played video games.  I did this for 22 years.  My mom is a saint and offers many interesting facial expressions when the camera is on her on television.’ 

I cannot figure where else a book like this will go.  What else could he have to say that would be even remotely interesting?  I am sure Michael Phelps is a nice guy and maybe even a cool dude.  And he has millions of fans and many of them will clamor to read his recent effort (since he has so much more life experience now than before his first book).  Celebrity offers much to those that do great things (and sometimes not great things).  Here’s hoping that Michael Phelps decides to donate a good portion if not all of the proceeds to people in need.   He got $ 10 million to endorse Subway so I am guessing he could afford to do so. 

And don’t get me started on the reported $ 7 million advance offered to Gov. Sarah Palin for her story.  Sure to be an engrossing read. If she cannot see Russia from her bedroom, she can surely make out the ATM.

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