Did TSA change their policy with the 3-1-1 plastic bag deal?

I flew out on Monday from a NYC area airport and forgot not only that I did not have my 3 ounces or less liquids in my little one quart plastic bag.  Not only that I left all the liquids in my carry-on.  Went right through security having never given it a thought.  Hmmm. I thought was there a change in policy from TSA?  I don’t recall hearing about it.  I removed my shoes but did not seem to recall if other travelers were doing the same. (When I was in Tokyo a couple of years ago the agents could not understand what I was doing taking off my shoes!).  I also remember right after 9/11 flying someplace and having an overzealous TSA agent confiscate a nice cigar cutter I had received as a gift.

So on the return flight out of Cincinnati I did not have time to get the proverbial plastic bag but I also noticed that they did not have the 3-1-1 signs or the constant drone of what to do with your shoes etc.  They did talk about jackets needing to come off and several travelers had to stand in the special scanner that blew on you.  Somehow I was not asked to do this.  Just lucky I guess.  But once again my bag went right through with my toiletries etc. inside my carry-on not in a plastic bag.  

So what gives?  It appears I missed some change in TSA policy (by the way at both airports I spent less than three minutes going through airport security so what does one really need the ‘Clear’ for anyway?). 

The next thing you know you will not need to remove your shoes!  Also I found the TSA personnel to be pleasant and as usual professional.  Interesting since there was a heightened sense of concern over the holiday weekend due to recent world events and even local to NYC threats. 

All in all it made for a pleasant traveling experience (yes I traveled coach or second class as my sister used to say).  Was I just lucky?  Is the TSA going a little soft?  I will be flying again a couple of times this month to different cities and will be sure to notice if this is a trend or just an anomoly.

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