Man Bites Dove –A dessert so good it needs no advertising

I am thinking about ice cream and not only because we’re past Memorial Day here in the U.S, which is the unofficial beginning of summer… I just really love ice cream, but I also know that ice cream is a treat and best consumed in moderation.


So with that in mind I wanted to let you in on a secret vice of mine. “Dove Bar Minis” – dark chocolate coated mini ice cream bites with either chocolate or vanilla ice cream inside. They also make milk chocolate-coated ones, since I know you are wondering, but IMHO they are not nearly as wonderful. At 60 calories each you can eat two or three (my max at one time has been five) and still feel as if you have satisfied a totally guilty pleasure.   They are in an overused word these days – AMAZING!

It’s interesting when you find something that is not advertised or found in restaurants. We have always called them Dove Bites, so perhaps at one time that is what the packaging said, but now they are named Dove Minis. These treats can be found in many supermarkets although from my experience they do seem to run out more often than one might expect. I notice boxes in other people’s carts and smile knowingly. One time at a friend’s house in Florida we had finished dinner and he asked if I wanted something sweet. And out came the Dove Bites. All I could think about was to wonder how he found out and guessed that he found out the way I did – by looking in the frozen ice cream novelty case many years ago.

There are 14 Bites in a box and they cost around $4.50 per box. So at $.30 each they are reasonably priced, satisfying yet not a calorie bomb and did I say they were amazing? You can’t easily buy Dove Bites on Amazon or Wal-mart/ – a recent check on both said they are ‘unavailable’.

Why isn’t M&M Mars promoting Dove Bites more? Surely it’s not because they can’t make them fast enough? And even if they raised the price a little, aficionados like me would still buy them.

One last thing, when I visit Costco (another favorite of mine), I always look to see if there might be a giant box of Bites so I could not run out and pay less per unit. Sadly, I never find them (hint hint Costco & M&M Mars!) If there were 60 in a box I’d buy them and in our house they might not last much more than a month.

Try them for yourself but don’t tell too many of your friends. I hate it when the store runs out.


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