If you don’t want to be happy you’ll get there

Having written this post nearly five years ago, I still I say this often. It’s no less true today than it ever has been.  I never intended to suggest being blindly positive and ignoring reality in the face of adversity or worse.   I am suggesting that those that strive to not be happy (it’s disturbing how often you can notice this behavior), your success rate will be nearly 100%.

If you don’t want to be happy you’ll get there.  Maybe I say it too often at times. By nature I am an optimistic and positive person. I have issues dealing with people that are negative and feel compelled to take those around them to a lower level. Wallowing in your own misery will definitively not make ‘it’ better.

In business you meet all kinds of people, some good and some not so good. When you are building a great team the single most important thing is to create an environment of positive attitudes. When people are positive and happy, they interact with one another better, think better and the output is better.

There are times in business as well as in life when you might be dealt a lousy hand. Perhaps you are dealt a series of lousy hands. It happens to everyone. Without attempting to see the world through rose colored glasses, maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity offers a much better opportunity for a positive outcome.  It does not mean everything will be all right, yet it’s worth the effort in my view.

People that react to stress and their own misfortune by trying to take everyone else down with them never succeed in making it better for themselves or anyone else. After a while a person’s unhappiness becomes a habit and in some misguided and twisted way, fulfilling – or so that person may think.

I’ve a good friend who frequently mentions the difference between those people that make it better and those that do not. It’s easy when things are going well to be happy.  What you do when you are having a bad day at work is what separates the professional from the unprofessional.

How do you handle things when it’s raining lemons?

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5 Responses to If you don’t want to be happy you’ll get there

  1. Melanie Dimstas says:

    I say pass the tequila and salt! 🙂 Great blog, I definitely agree!


  2. John says:

    Pure domination. Love this blog post. Stick to the vision, the speed bumps along the way are just that, MERELY speed bumps! TIME + PRESSURE = DIAMONDS.


  3. John Ragozzino says:

    Make Limoncello!


  4. Carrie says:

    Great post!

    I TRY to remember that if I focus on the bad, it will only bring me down further and I will miss out on the good for sure! On the occasion that I do catch myself wallowing, I step back, clear my head and remind myself that this too will pass – nothing lasts forever! It not only helps me feel better, but I’ve also found I think clearer and can better solve the problem at hand.

    (And if that fails me in the future, I might take Melanie’s suggestion about the tequila!)


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