Hang on Florida Election Day is almost here

Since I live in a state (Connecticut) which is in the greater New York City area, I and my fellow area residents are not subjected to the constant barrage of ads related to Election Day in the U.S. on Tuesday November 6th. It’s enough that in Connecticut residents listening to radio or watching television are being subjected to the constant and nasty on-air ads from Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy who are vying for retiring U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman’s seat.

I was in Florida two weeks ago and while the occasion was happy and the weather great, the seemingly unending string of television ads from Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was more aggravating than walking past three jackhammers operating in unison. With just about ten days to go until Election Day, the amount of money that has been and will be spent on the airwaves (at premium ad prices BTW) is staggering. The two campaigns will have raised a total of more than $2 billion much of that invested in advertising. Great for the networks and the ad agencies that create the ads, (none from ours or any that I know personally), but incredibly annoying for everyone else.

Most political analysts actually do agree on one thing – that less than 10% of the population remains undecided. This means that the registered voters who may be influenced by the ads number less than 17 million people. To me, it’s an appalling amount of money that will be spent – in particular when you think what that $300 million could do to actually help Americans – find work, build roads, or any number of constructive things.

The barrage in Florida is being replicated in the other ‘battleground’ states – Ohio, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Virginia just to name a few. I am thankful to not be traveling to any of those places in the next ten days.

Do you do what I do when you hear or see a political ad come on the air (be it radio or television) – turn it off or tune it out? I’m sick of it and have been for quite a while and (thankfully) can only imagine how Floridians might be feeling.

Hang in there Florida the noise will stop soon. Maybe just not soon enough.

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