Foursquare has moved off beta – did anyone notice?

Being a regular user of Foursquare I have been wondering for quite some time when the ‘Beta’ emblem would disappear. Last week that happened along with a host of other reported changes (Lists, events, photos – all of which I am not likely to use but are kind of cool in and of themselves). Betabeat wrote about it last week – Unfortunately, the GPS is still fairly inaccurate and you can still check into places that you have not entered – this has to be fixed and Foursquare is working on it.

The offers at nearby places on Foursquare are slowly getting better and more frequent. Yet in the lighting fast world of the social web I am surprised at how long it is taking for a truly enhanced version of Foursquare (for users) to be offered. CEO Dennis Crowley seems to be focused on creating value for merchants – he would be wise to keep in mind that the users might be getting a bit impatient with the slow rate of progress toward what I think is still a good platform with strong legs.

One big question I have is how much more social Foursquare will get. Aside from checking into places where friends might ‘meet-up’ and offering nearby potential customers a reason to come into a particular establishment I am not sure people will embrace and interact with yet another social media platform. Mr. Crowley and his team are counting on that – what do you think?

While Foursquare was making its changes location based made a few changes in its application as well. I use Yelp when looking for nearby eateries, bars, or movies wherever I am in the United States (it does not work outside the U.S. nearly as well).

Last week an update to the application popped up and I installed it but since then the application has suddenly lost its ability to recognize where I am currently located. Good thing I am not depending on it. And before you go asking – all my other GPS based applications are working just fine and I changed nothing in my Yelp profile. Not good. In fact I ended up using Bing to find a restaurant near me this weekend and it worked out satisfactorily. For Yelp that is also not good.

In order for social media applications to continue to gain in value they have to deliver the basics – they have to work (always), be fast and accurate. Once users lose confidence in a social media app’s ability to enhance their lives the downward spiral is underway. I hope that Foursquare and Yelp respectively fix what ails them.

Are you using Foursquare or Yelp?

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1 Response to Foursquare has moved off beta – did anyone notice?

  1. Pete says:

    I have yet to figure out why I would want to use foursquare, then again I feel the same way about twitter.
    I use Yelp as you describe, so there is value to me but the others seem to be just an exercise in narcissism.


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