Eating and playing in China – it’s like nowhere else I’ve ever been

Every time I go to China the days and nights are long and interesting. As I noted in a prior post tea flows freely during the day and night, and alcohol flows freely at night as does engaging conversation. The Chinese like to get out and do things. While staring at a computer during the day has to be part of everyone’s routine to a certain degree getting out and having great eating experiences is a big part of life in China.

I met with many senior executives while in China lunch and dinner meals are banquet style starting with soup and then dish after dish is brought out and put on the revolving glass table. Chicken, fish, beef, greens, vegetables and some things that would make many Americans a bit squeamish, (I like eating chicken feet but chicken heads not so much). The meals last for 90 minutes or (most often) longer, and at night they are accompanied by constant toasting and laughter as well as serious conversation about what’s going on in and out of China. I have even developed a liking for a potent Chinese liquor called Mou Tai.

To me it appears that there are not nearly as many overweight Chinese as there are Americans. I’m not exactly sure why since the quantities consumed at these meals are eye-opening. But the food is mostly healthy and desserts normally consist of fruit.

Breakfast is by far my least favorite meal in China which is too bad since I really like breakfast. At least in a hotel you get some western style options like bacon, French toast (sometimes), omelets and cereal. But other places I’ve been have only Chinese food for breakfast – greens, noodles, soup and lousy coffee.

I experienced KTV for the first time during this trip. It’s basically Karaoke Chinese style. Here’s a video from a few years ago that is somewhat close to what it’s like – It was a ‘can’t say no’ invitation and I am glad I experienced it as it gave me another viewpoint of Chinese people. I will consider doing it again.

I was watching television one evening with my friend in Hong Kong and we saw a story on a new fad in China – Kung Fu volleyball, which is somehow called Sepak Takra. Here is a link to a video and it looks pretty crazy and amazing – I would get seriously injured if I even tried it just once.

I also was invited to tour a city in Shanxi province (which literally means mountain west) where they are famous for their fruit as a very wealthy and a successful Chinese businessman is interested introducing some of his juice products to the US market. I really hope to make the trip next time as it is a much different part of China (colder and more wooded) than I’ve been to before and I want to experience a little bit of life, food, and play there as well.

Work hard and play hard. Two of the reasons why I enjoy going to China so much.

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2 Responses to Eating and playing in China – it’s like nowhere else I’ve ever been

  1. Peter Mataset says:


    I was speaking to a woman who grew up in China, she went back to her home town, in the country, not the city, and more people are driving cars rather then bicycles which was the only form of transportation when she lived there. They are eating more fatty food and are noticeably more over weight.



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