Do you use red dot laser like focus?

I was having lunch with a business friend yesterday and we were talking about people who lack the ability to focus on the task at hand. These days it seems more difficult than ever given the unending flow of information and distractions. I noted that what people really need to do is narrow the scope down – no unlike the red dot laser targeting we see on television and movies when someone points a weapon at something or someone.

In fact when a television or movie notices the red dot laser is focused on them, they often raise their hands and simply give up. The jig is up and they are beaten.

How can people use this red dot laser metaphor in their professional lives? First and foremost, use it to help drown out all the white noise that gets in the way of focusing on THE most important thing that is at hand. Identify what that most important thing is and narrow the target by aiming that red dot laser right into the heart of the matter.

Close your email inbox, close your internet browser, put your phone on do not disturb, turn your mobile to silent. Take time every day to shut out the distractions and use your red dot laser focus to move on the most critical thing facing you and your business. Try it for fifteen minutes or longer. If you can do this regularly you will be that much closer to accomplishing that critical mission.

So are you using your red dot laser like focus already? If not will you give it a try?

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