How often do you have thinking day at work?

Like many of us I find that there hardly is enough time in a ten (ok 13 sometimes) hour work day to get all the things done I need to get done. Fortunately I thrive on being busy and actually enjoy it. Yet the day to day pace can wear down even the strongest of resolves. Most days I have a list of several must do’s, while the remainder of the day is spent helping others around me both on the client side as well as team members.

Whether they are tasks or support type meetings most work days are filled with things that have to get done. Not enough time is spent thinking about what the most productive or important thing you could do next would be. The ‘Just do it’ mentality is pervasive and I think at times counter-productive.

In my case, this can go on for weeks at a time, particularly when I am traveling and out of the office more often than I am in the office. The weekend does offer time to catch up although this summer I have tried very hard to not be in the office much at all on the weekend. Every once in a while appointments move around or even drop out and I end up with a day in the office that is not overscheduled. I had one of those yesterday. It just sort of happened. I had planned to be around the office most of the day with just a couple of meetings but things broke differently than I planned and I actually found myself with some time to think about things that I wanted to do as opposed to things I had and needed to do.

One day can mean a lot in changing my outlook. Getting to the point where I don’t have things hanging over my head is a great place to be. Even if it only lasts for one day! It’s refreshing and even re-energizing. I’m also aware that it may not happen again for a long time (in my case I am guessing it might be a few months). But you never know and when that opportunity presents itself for a ‘day’ I will leap at and relish it. And I know I need to do it more often.

How about you? Do you ever get one of those thinking days? Would you like to? Do you think it is important and worthwhile?

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3 Responses to How often do you have thinking day at work?

  1. Jim Fennell says:

    Thinking days never seem to work for me at the office. The day-to-day work gets in the way. For me it’s best to get out, away from distractions, where it’s possible to focus. Occasionally I’ll grab a notebook and head up to Cranberry Park for an hour. Or at home, a long run without the ear buds often serves the same purpose (but the note taking part can be difficult!).


    • markkolier says:

      Thanks for the comment Jim. Those days are rare indeed for me but really great when they happen. But it’s difficult to accomplish say the least. Worth the trouble and worth finding the time I think we all know!


  2. tom says:

    plane flights sometime offer the quiet solitude to think (cramped space not withstanding)


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