Being there makes all the difference

It’s easy to send an email to a friend, client or prospect. Your interrupted train of thought is transmitted with only the touch of a button.

Instant Messaging is a real time communication tool that has been around for quite a while and become even more popular with Facebook.

Text messaging by teens is the primary means of communication – or so it seems.

A telephone call takes a little more effort but at the very least is a better one-to-one exchange in real time.

Yet nothing replaces being there in person. That’s where lasting memories are built, richer experiences are enjoyed, and deeper relationships are seeded and solidified.

Now more than ever take the initiative and make that one to one in person connection that you have been putting off. Go to see that family member, get out there and visit with your clients – invite yourself and you will be pleasantly surprised at some of the welcomes you will receive.

During these difficult economic times travel budgets have been cut and virtual conferences have become increasingly popular. It’s NOT even close to being the same folks. Dare to be different. I happen to love going to see people and connecting and reconnecting. It never fails to re-energize me from the daily grind and I like to think that those I visit get something out of it as well.

We are fortunate today that travel is relatively easy – and can be relatively inexpensive.

So what are you waiting for?

About markkolier

Futurist, entrepreneur, left lane driver, baseball lover
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