Christmas music makes it better for marketers AND people too

holiday-music-3It’s less than two weeks before Christmas Day 2016 and for over a month the sounds of Christmas music (it’s ok to call it that right?) have filled the air all around New York City. As a would-be jazz pianist, Christmas songs are a big part of the repertoire. But unlike years past in which I quickly tired of holiday music, this year I am enjoying listening to the classic songs done in a variety of styles on Spotify.

And it’s ok that I like Christmas music even thought I was born Jewish right? Admittedly some Christmas music is very……Christian, (think Silent Night), in case you hadn’t noticed.

Marketers LOVE Christmas but you knew that already. The ‘holiday spirit’ is the real deal when it comes to retailers and charities. It’s common knowledge that both retail and non-profits do a disproportionate share of revenue during the holiday season. Walk into just about any retail store and from Halloween through New Year’s Day you will hear familiar music that makes people feel good. And buy more. Happy people buy more. It’s not complicated. This year for some reason I am ok with it more than other years.

The retail sales environment that’s created with store design, merchandising, and music are critical components of maximizing sales during the holiday season. Retailers should think more about the part that music plays outside the holiday season in creating the kind of environment and vibe that best represents their brand. It’s too often an afterthought.

Here in the United States the rancorous election season has ended but the rancor has not. In New York City it’s busier than ever with people walking EVERYWHERE. For a native it just takes longer to get from point A to point B attempting to avoid ever-gawking tourists.

Yet, for me at least, this holiday season the tree at Rockefeller Center shines a little bit brighter. Perhaps it’s that at this time all of us “Need a little Christmas” right about now. The spirit is real and if there’s a piano around I can play you a few bars.

Happy Holidays my friends. My best wishes to you for health and happiness this season and for 2017.

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