Dominating Twitter

As the old saying goes if I had a dollar for every time I read a fellow Tweeter’s throw down about them guaranteeing you will ‘DOMINATE TWITTER’ I could retire fat and happy. I have been using Twitter for about 10 months and somehow have acquired more than 550 ‘followers’. However I have no desire to ‘dominate’ them or anyone else in the Twitter Universe.

From what I can gather by dominating Twitter and having large amounts of followers (Ashton Kutcher got to one million followers recently – proudly he noted) offers you a database for you to push your products or services. My sense is this is not a sustainable business model in any way. It may work for a while but eventually I see people ‘following’ smaller not larger amounts of people. And following people that you actually are interested in will dominate.

How can you possibly follow 500 people much less 40,000? The answer is you cannot. Since Twitter is still new building large followings may seem like the thing to do. But since most of us have limited time for just about everything the only way to monitor large numbers of followers is to be on Twitter all the time. If you look away for 15 minutes tweets can be buried pages back. And I sincerely doubt there are many people that are looking back at tweets they might have missed.

Where is the value in Twitter? There is great value in the ability to monitor conversations about a brand. There is also value in tweeting or re-tweeting things that interest you that you want to share with your followers. Real time news reporting at the events has a great impact and can get important information out to people as fast as it happens – and that’s never happened before in human history!

But Twitter domination is a pretty obnoxious concept as far as I am concerned. I want to work with people. And I don’t need to beat down others who are trying to exchange ideas and information. So give up you Twitterific Dominator ‘professors’. How about you try to collaborate and work with others to make business and the world a little bit better. Now there’s a dominating concept! What say you?

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