A serial entrepreneur, I have a love of marketing, strategy, creative, customer engagement and all types of media and print production.  At the same time I have a media neutral approach.  I am passionate about behavior and integrated marketing, and founded e-commerce application YourCover.com in 2000.  Making the unusual combination of having an an agency guy Moddern.com have himself as a client!    And I love to think and write about all kinds of things related to marketing, travel and customer experiences.    Trying my best to make it better one day at a time.

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  1. Paul Thompson says:

    Found your blog to be interesting and easy to read without being cluttered. I was initially drawn to it by your usmc encounter. I was also a military neophyte with a healthy appetite for learning through hands-on experiences. My background of growing up and being educated in CT, marrying a prominent southern family’s beauty queen, 20+ yrs of business successes in the old south (TN, AR, MS), and becoming a national leader in the sport of rodeo put me on the Corps’ public outreach radar screen. They selected me to participate in the SecDef’s personal outreach program (JCOC) as one of the Marines recommended citizen leaders. It was an awesome experience to be privately transported/escorted to each military installation as VIP guests of the Pacific Command. Obviously, the scenery and technology were impressive. But the most memorable universal impression was made by the people of our military. Having free, uncontrolled access to any of the personnel at these bases was incredibly enlightening. My list of adjectives for describing the men and women of our armed forces has totally changed. They are intelligent, highly motivated and accomplishing some really incredible objectives. They earned my respect and now have my full support.


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