True confessions – I actually enjoy painting my bridge

thumbnail[6]‘It’s like painting a bridge.’ I like and use the expression quite a bit. The metaphor accurately depicts finally completing something only to have to begin all over again. That’s the way bridges are reputedly painted. Start at one end. Paint the whole thing to the other end. Rinse and repeat. Painting is a cool thing since it offers immediate gratification in the sense that you can see exactly what has been painted and what has not.

Our agency has had some really good success recently. Things we have been working toward and on have come to fruition and new clients are in the fold, projects have been completed and we all have (or so I like to think) a sense of satisfaction that we are contributing to our clients and to our team. But that was so last week or even two weeks ago. Now that those challenges have been met I am ready to take on new ones – do new work, bring in new clients and continue to help our clients have success and grow our company at the same time.

For some people this might be aggravating. The feeling that enough is not enough. Yet that is exactly how I feel. Like most people I love finishing a project, landing a new client etc. But I think I more enjoy the unchartered challenges of the future. And I don’t feel the need to bask in the glory of success for more than a few days. Because then I get the urge to do it all over again.

With so much to do and learn it’s easy to sometimes forget where you are on the bridge in the first place. I also know that I have felt on many occasions that I am the poor sucker whose car broke down in the middle of the bridge. There are no breakdown lanes on bridges either. Not only is that not a good place to be you tick off all the people stuck behind you and watching them go by makes you feel even worse. However in order to get where you are going you have to get right back on the bridge.

Not only am I ok with that but I have learned to embrace and enjoy it. Am I compulsive? People that know me would probably say yes. Are you? Is it a bad thing?

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3 Responses to True confessions – I actually enjoy painting my bridge

  1. Nader Ashway says:

    Got any extra brushes? I’d love to be a part of the “new color.” Thanks for the post. A useful metaphor and a peer into your character. Unlike most bridges, your “color” is quite bright and quite refreshing.


  2. lynne cole says:

    Glad to be on your bridge! Look forward to painting with you and your team for a long while (I hope)!


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